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Welcome to North by Northwest Region 13

Sally Wallace: A Sweet Adeline for Life

Photo credit: Jake ParrishSally Wallace, former director of Coeur d'Alene Chorus and the 2016 Heart of the Northwest Award recipient, was recently featured in the Coeur d'Alene Press newspaper. Sally says, "The local newspaper puts an article in the Sunday paper each week spotlighting one person. Because of our [chorus'] 30-year anniversary, they decided to run an article about me. They sent a reporter and a photographer to our home and interviewed me for an hour or so!" 

Ever an ambassador for Sweet Adelines International and the barbershop artform, our favorite part of Sally's interview was when she was asked if she ever thought the day would come when she's done with Sweet Adelines.

Sally's reply: "That's not in my plans at all," she said, beaming her Sweet Adeline smile. "The Sweet Adeline Chorus is such a wonderful place to be and I really encourage other women, of any age, if you like to sing, come and see what we have to offer. It really can change your life for the better. Besides, it’s a lot of fun.”

You can read the entire article online at the Coeur d'Alene Press' website or download a PDF by clicking here.


2016 Region 13 Convention News

   •   Quartet Contest Videos
   •   Chorus Contest Videos 
   •   Show of Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to our new Region 13 winners, shown below. You can see complete scores here: Chorus Scores / Quartet Scores / Contest Summary


   •   1st: Wink (616)
   •   2nd: Sunbreak (593)
   •   3rd: Fourcast (591)
   •   4th: Pepper (585)
   •   5th: Vocalocity (564)

   •   Audience Choice Quartet: Takin' A Chance
   •   Most Improved Quartet: Spin Cycle (+44)
   •   Novice Quartet: Esprit


   •   1st: Alaska Sound Celebration, directed by Peggy Benton (634)
   •   2nd: a cappella Joy, directed by Nikki Blackmer (630)
   •   3rd: Spirit of Spokane, directed by Mike Elliott (602)
   •   4th: Jet Cities, directed by Ken Potter (598)
   •   5th: Northwest Harmony, directed by Nancy Kurth (582)

Division AA (31-60 singers)

   •   1st: Alaska Sound Celebration, directed by Peggy Benton
   •   2nd: a cappella Joy, directed by Nikki Blackmer 
   •   3rd: Spirit of Spokane, directed by Mike Elliott 

Division A (15-30 singers)

   •   1st: Rolling Hills, directed by Lucy Heinkel
   •   2nd: Blue Mountain, directed by Darlene Filla
   •   3rd: Sound Harmony, directed by Judy Cooper MacLaren

   •   Audience Choice Chorus: Song of Seattle, directed by Paula Davis
   •   Most Improved Chorus: Jet Cities, directed by Ken Potter (+49)

How proud we are...

...of our 2016 Sweet Adelines International Competition super stars!

  • Frenzy Quartet; 2016 SECOND PLACE!
  • Alaska Sound Celebration Chorus; 2016 13th Place Chorus
  • PrimeTime Quartet; 2016 12th Place

And congratulations to PepperSoundFX, and The Four Get Me Nots on their contest performances as well. We know we'll be seeing you onstage again soon!



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